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Edmonton website consulting and e-Learning consulting firm Chinook Multimedia will help you obtain the returns you deserve from your website or e-Learning investment. Chinook Multimedia has been providing website and e-Learning consulting services to clients since 1998. Design for success with a budget and development schedule that works for you.

To chat about your consulting requirements, give us a call (780-446-9631). To tell us about your consulting requirements, click the Request a Quote button, or complete the Contact Us form on this page.

Consulting Services

Chinook Multimedia's consulting services include search engine optimization, website SEO audits, competitor website analysis, environmental scans of similar and competing websites, social media implementation, and strategic planning. We offer consulting services specific to e-Learning.

Explore the links below to learn more about our consulting services. Explore our consulting portfolio to see examples of our work or browse through our client list.

Strategic Planning

Building a website or e-Learning resources can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. If you don't have a solid plan in place when you start, the required time and costs can quickly balloon. A Chinook Multimedia strategic plan will provide you with best-practice recommendations and a prioritized plan, budget, and timetable for creating your website or e-Learning initiative.

Based on client needs, a Chinook Multimedia strategic plan can include some or all of the following consulting services:

  • website SEO audit
  • competitor website analysis
  • environmental scan
  • social media implementation plan
  • search engine optimization recommendaitons, including on-page search engine optimization
  • content requirements, including any new content or value-add content
  • budget and development schedule
  • workshop presentations, interactive mock-ups

You can use your Chinook Multimedia strategic plan as a checklist to evaluate the design, development, and performance of your new or redesigned website. Call 780-446-9631 or use the Contact Us form on this page to tell us about your strategic planning needs. Check out the other links on this page to learn more about specific strategic planning services.

On-page Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not just about numbers. It is not just about getting more people to come to your website. Search engine optimization is also about having your website visitors do what your organization needs once they arrive on your website - whether that means making a purchase, contacting you, or just visiting a page to read an article. In other words, it is about your on-page SEO. Chinook Multimedia is an experienced search engine optimization firm. We can help with your on-page search engine optimization (SEO) needs.

Chinook Multimedia's on-page search engine optimization services include:

  • keyword research
  • writing and editing, including embedding keyword rich phrases in your website content
  • calls to action
  • meta data authoring

Call 780-446-9631 to chat or use the Contact Us form on this page to tell us about your on-page SEO needs.

Website SEO Audit

A reasonably priced Chinook Multimedia website SEO audit (search engine optimization audit) will provide you with a prioritized plan to revise your website SEO to attract more visitors.

Is your website performing the way you want it to, bringing you the clients you need? A Chinook Multimedia website SEO audit can give you the answer - tell you what you are doing right, what you need to improve, and how you can do it.

We start by asking you questions to make sure we understand what you want your website to do. Then we undertake a personal review of your website's architecture and content to see if the website is built to deliver what you expect. Next, we use more than a dozen analytics tools to examine your website and its current SEO practices. Our final report establishes benchmark data on your website's current SEO performance and makes specific recommendations to improve your website's search engine optimization in order to improve your search engine rankings. If desired, we can help you implement the recommended changes or you can work with your current web developer.

Give us a call at 780-446-9631 or use the Contact Us form on this page to tell us about your search engine optimization needs and to find out more about our website SEO audits.

Competitor Website Analysis

We all know that business has been moving online. How can you compete? A Chinook Multimedia competitor website analysis will tell you what your major competitors are doing online to be successful and what you can do to compete successfully. It is all about marketing intelligence!

A Chinook Multimedia competitor website analysis will give you the marketing intelligence you need to match or better the online performance of your competitors. Our Competitor Website Analysis Report will give you detailed performance data on your competitors':

  • preferred keywords
  • search engine rankings for keywords
  • website backlinks (websites that link to your competitor's website)
  • social media presence
  • search engine optimization tactics
  • AdWords campaigns

Then you can use the prioritized recommendations in our Competitor Website Analysis Report to enhance your online marketing and improve your website's performance.

It is all about marketing intelligence! Understand the website strategies and marketing tools your competitors are using to be successful. Discover new opportunities. Maximize your business opportunities!

Give us a call at 780-446-9631 or use the Contact Us form on this page to discuss a competitor website analysis.

Environmental Scans

An environmental scan identifies best practices (exemplars) that are used by websites similar to yours and that might be incorporated in your website to enhance its performance. A Chinook Multimedia environmental scan identifies a large sample of websites within a specific sector and then investigates website practices within that sample.

Chinook Multimedia has undertaken environmental scans that range in size from a dozen or two websites to more than 500 websites.

Our work is based on a personal examination of each website in the sample. We also use automated analytics tools as required. We look for exemplars in a number of general areas:

  • graphic user interface design
  • infographics
  • landing page design
  • menu type and design
  • widget design
  • revenue generation opportunities
  • search engine optimization practices
  • technology choices
  • calls to action and conversion tactics
  • target audiences
  • examples of value-added content

Your Environmental Scan Report will include a brief description and analysis of each exemplar together with a screen capture and link to the website. In some cases multiple exemplars are selected. We identify exemplars from outside the sample if required.

Please call 780-446-9631 or use the Contact Us form on this page to set up a meeting to gain the marketing intelligence you need with a Chinook Multimedia environmental scan.

Social Media Implementation

You have heard it before. Social media is a powerful marketing tool! Just be sure you use it regularly and use it correctly or it can backfire. The promise and the warning. If you need help to evaluate whether you have the resources to use social media regularly and to make sure you use it correctly, Chinook Multimedia can help with a social media implementation plan.

A Chinook Multimedia social media implementation plan includes review, analysis, and recommendations in the following areas:

  • your organization's capacity to use social media
  • your goals for social media
  • the potential benefits and risks of specific social media tools for your organization
  • the social media practices of similar or competing organizations
  • staged implementation

Align your implementation of social media with your business plan. Call Chinook Multimedia at 780-446-9631 or use the Contact Us form on this page to tell us about your social media implementation requirements.

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